BMW 2015-2019

In the years 2015 – 2019, we realized several nice atypical projects for BMW Czech Republic presentations and events. Most of the suggestions came from our friends Olgoj Chorchoj. It was mainly about the presentation of new models of BMW cars for VIP visitors of the IFF in Karlovy Vary. Two projects are especially worth mentioning.


In the Lázní I hall, we created a completely enclosed space with a volume of 500 m3 with a translucent coating on the offset structure so that the auxiliary truss structure does not cast shadows. RGB WUV Martin motor heads with a total power of 24 kWh took care of the illumination. We placed an 8kW Meyer Sound Subwoofer under the podium. The pearl is the introduction of vehicles. The only access to the Lázní I hall is an ordinary door (in the photos it is followed by an entrance “tunnel”). The glass roof of the mud preparation room had to be cut, one partition was demolished, and the vehicle was lowered into the basement with a crane. Then a passage through a 2 meter wide corridor and a rather steep approach to the Closeroom podium. The wow effect enhanced by the extreme rumbling of the Subwoofer and the change of backlight in the colors of the BMW M tuning was truly unforgettable.

Retro cinema

For the exterior presentation, we created a huge exterior lightbox with 3D text on the admitted outline so that it evokes the old illuminated advertisements for cinema programs with changeable text. We also had an easily changeable text according to the content of the daily accompanying program.